About Us


We have a network of dependable fitness centers / trainers that will work with you to setup a special workout for you.


Fostering pride in our businesses and communities.


Our center/trainers are always looking to Improving customer service standards.


You've decided to start working out, we have centers and trainers just for you the beginner.

Fitness-in-the-DMV is a family owned and operated business. We saw the need for a guide to health information, personal trainer and fitness center directory for the DMV. We also instituted quality reviews to enhance the customer’s experience and to improve the service provided by the listing businesses.

Fitness-in-the-DMV  has three main objectives:

  1. Our first objective is to help you locate fitness centers, personal trainers in the DMV.
  2. Our second is to give businesses a avenue to tell you what they have to offer their community.
  3. Third objective offer you a platform to access helpful information to improve your health welfare and fitness.


We takes pride in providing consumers with a easy to navigate website. Fitness-in-the-DMV also offers subscribers exclusive discounted offers, news updates, calendar of business and social events, and business testimonials.