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Great Virtual Fitness Resources

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2020 brought a handful of new challenges to getting or staying in shape. To aid you in 2021 we found many ways to make reaching your fitness goals easier despite our current circumstances.

Please find a few examples below or click the link to read the entire article. 

Take your next workout to a new level.

1000’s of Free Workouts for 90 Days from Peloton

Bringing back a top find from 2020 most people forgot about

Access both live and on-demand workouts from any device.   Select workouts that range from no additional equipment to ones that make great use of home equipment.  Includes a myriad of options such as walking, high intensity training, running, cycling, boot camps, trouble area specifics including improving your core, plus audio only classes for outdoor workouts.

500 Free Practical Workouts for Your Fitness Journey

Great COMPLETELY FREE resource of 500 Effective Virtual Workouts for Everyone

Access over 500 videos from this husband-and-wife fitness expert couple (with over  25 years experience between them) for a great fitness start/reboot at zero cost.   Their well-organized videos allow you to choose your fitness journey  from any starting point or fitness goal.  Many exercises require no gear while others expand into low cost gear like bands and kettle bells to increase your workout options.

Free Easy to Complete Daily Workouts Perfect  for Home

Small space workouts prefect for the whole family

Instead of videos with trainers recording in their workout studios or gyms, discover an increasing workout library in trainers’ living rooms often with their families. Why is this important to you?  These workouts fit into your lifestyle because the trainers made them fit into their own lives as well. So enjoy encouraging videos requiring little gear or space, great for motivation right now.

Great Apps for Starting or Restarting Toward Your Fitness Goals

We looked for practical apps great for anyone who wants to get traction in the new year, even when starting from the beginning. We asked… could you jump in and get started if you have limited time? Would you need weights, gear, or special training? Would the app help you assess where you are and move your forward toward your goals?

These apps topped our list for the new year.

Nike Training App

Premium workouts now being offered at zero cost

Hands down a favorite free resource for workout videos and workout plans.  Nike offers their premium account videos they once charged $15 plus per month for a few months ago.  Their change of plans to serve more people worldwide is your gain.  Enjoy thousands of videos from top experts in many different fitness areas.

Pear Fitness App

Robust options for every workout level 

Pear starts you off by giving you the options that make workouts sticky, more engaging and fun.  Taught by many expert trainers, you get custom plans and audio coaching while you complete your workouts.   You choose from a host of options: activity, duration, goals, fitness levels, body area to work on, etc. and Pear Fitness builds a complete workout plan for you.

FitOn App

Get Recommend Workouts from Top Celebrity Trainers to Match Your Unique Fitness Plan 

FitOn allows you to access the most popular and trending workouts right away for free.   Offering help with fat burn, building muscle, ideal heart rates, and much more; FitOn connects the science of fitness with a host of workouts for every user level.   Great for beginners because the app walks you step by step through your workout to the results you want.

Can’t Miss FREE Trials

Please don’t allow a lock of funds to keep you from jumpstarting your fitness goals.  Regardless of where you are starting from, these two offers can help you find great workouts that fit your goals, time available, and fitness level.

Booya Fitness / 30 Days

On Demand Workouts / Plans with Advanced Workout Builder Tool

Booya Fitness gives 30 days free, which provides you with enough time to see results and building consistency needed for long term success.  We highly recommend this option because Booya offers so many categories (kickboxing, Dance, High Intensity, and much more).  This allows you to experiment until you find what works for you the most important key to making a healthy lifestyle change.

The Optimal Me

Improve Your Movement as You Age Healthily (40+ years of age)

Optimum.me created a truly unique improving the aging body workout plan that helps us to increase movement as we age.  This means we can improve everything we do: walking, working, play, (including our workouts) by following their exercise models.  We invite you to discover how their different approach to exercise can benefit you at zero risk.

Special Find for Amazon Prime Members

Amazon Prime provides a large assortment of free, high quality exercise and nutrition shows. Probably not the first place anyone was looking could become the only resource you need to get great results in 2021. Take a look at over 500 available shows by following this link.

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